On September 9, 2009, we toured The Glass House in New Canaan, CT. It was built by the architect Philip Johnson in 1949, and he lived there until his death in January 2005, at age 98. Johnson was brilliant and eccentric, but had some disturbing social views, including years prior to WW II when he supported the Nazis, something he tried to make amends for in later life. He seems to have been more interested in form than comfort as you will see in the photos. The house and grounds, including two buildings holding works of art collected by him and his partner, David Whitney, are spectacular.

Beginning on this page is a series of photos I took at The Glass House. The photos begin at the visitor center in downtown New Canaan, move on to the property and show the entrance gate, some of the buildings on the land, including Da Monsta, shown being photographed. Then on across Johnson's "reveal" to the Glass House itself and its rather spartan furnishings but gorgeous views. On page 3, you'll see the entryway to Johnson and Whitney's painting gallery, built into the side of a hill in the form of a bunker. And the images from the Sculpture Gallery with its wonderful lighting through the slants in the windows above. Finally, a couple of images from inside Da Monsta, Johnson's last architectural creation on the property.

You can learn more at The Glass House official site. The site is operated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.


This is the first of three pages of photos. Click here for the second page.

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